General Law: Administrative & Constitutional Law, Municipality Law, the Access to Public Administration Files Act (Freedom of Information Act), public employment, cooperation private/public, privatisations, funds.

Special Law: The Public Planning Act, environmental protection, the Water Rights Act, the Nature Conservation Act, the Natural Resources Act, expropriation, the Road Legislation Act, public procurement, and EU law.


The Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Administrative Law, 1986-1988 (student employment from 1985): Matters regarding Access to Public Administration Files Act of 1985 passed in December with the Office of Administrative Law as the leading party), memos regarding expropriation, the rights of the Thule population, the natural gas project in Denmark (matters of municipality law), and the subsoil of the Faroe Islands/the Home Rule Law.

As an attorney, I have given advice on a regular basis to municipalities and municipal corporates regarding the boundaries of municipalities’ business activity and matters regarding the Municipality Government Act. Some recent larger cases are the approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior of the merger regulations for HMN Naturgas I/S, and the case regarding Rungsted Harbour for the Municipality of Hørsholm.

Counselling on the Public Administration Act/the administration process is an ongoing part of my counselling work or occur as specific questions regarding the rules on conflict of interests, hearings, the grounds of decisions, guidelines on complaints, etc.

Exhaustive advice on Access to Public Administration Files within a broad range of topics, not least the clauses on commercial secrets, but also other exception clauses such as interpretation of the rules regarding public access to records of energy companies or the rules regarding internal documents, employment cases, investigation cases, the Environmental Information Act, the right of access to documents for patients, the right of access to documents in public procurement tenders etc.

Employment in the public sector: See below regarding investigations etc.

I have given advice to both public authorities and private companies regarding land planning such as the possibility to establish business activities according to local land plans, the § 14 – prohibition, changes in the local land plan, complaint cases at the Nature Protection & Environmental Board of Appeal, as well as court cases. I have conducted some cases regarding access to the construction of wind turbines, road construction or other types of construction in the open country. On behalf of Tivoli and Carlsberg, I have given advice on agreements regarding planning with the Municipality of Copenhagen, and I have assisted MAN Diesel & Turbo in several cases regarding planning. Furthermore, I have counselled on the Planning Act in connection with several single issues regarding real estate i.a. arrangements in the harbour areas.

Have worked with cases under the Environmental Protection Act, both pollution cases, authorization cases, transfer of businesses, etc.

I have advised both municipalities and individuals in cases regarding the Watercourse Legislation and general rules on the ownership of fresh waters, e.g. the ownership rights to newly formed land in the lake Tissø or the extent of municipalities’ obligation to maintain public rivers and carry out supervision of private rivers, the rules regarding the possibility to change the course of rivers, questions regarding drainage, water collection for Manors and Municipalities.

Proceedings relating to the Nature Protection Act and habitat rules i.a. establishing and subsequent protection of habitats, as well as cases regarding and relating to natural areas protection, and cases regarding hunting rights i.a. for Manors and cases regarding so-called § 3 areas (specific habitats) for several clients i.a. for the Danish National Radio.

Cases regarding expropriation, among others, by the Raw Material Act, such as for instance, the Robbedale Deposit on Bornholm, the extraction of sphagnum in Lille Vildmose, of oyster shells in Roskilde Fjord, and general contracts on the extraction of raw material.

Cases on the road legislation; both public roads and common private roads for municipalities and companies.

Ongoing evaluation of EU law matters and negotiations with the European Commission on behalf of the natural gas sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

Matters regarding tenders for municipalities (waste), compliance and modifications of tendered contracts, arbitration on compliance of tendered contracts, drawing up of tender documents, matters of confidentiality, eligibility criteria and award criteria, public tendering procedures, advice on public allocation of contracts without tender as practiced by the Court of Justice of the European Union, Board of Appeal of Tenders, matters of compensation, organisation of public enterprises regarding the supply rules etc.

Tenders in the pharmaceutical industry (Amgros), the natural gas sector, the heat supply, harbours, energy optimisation projects (ESCO).

Furthermore, I have carried out several privatisations of public enterprises i.a. Danak, the contractor sector of the County of Vestsjælland, the city busses in the Municipality of Vejle, the Council of Technology, and the harbours of Fredericia and Nyborg.