Contact information:

Phone: +45 40504464


Address: Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 34, st. tv, 1402 København K

VAT No: DK36127546

Bank information: Danske Bank

Reg. no. 3411, Account no. 11532764
IBAN No.: DK8330000011532764


Client Account: Danske Bank


The Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatrådet), The organisation for Municipal and Administrative Law in Denmark (Foreningen for Kommunal- og Forvaltningsret i Danmark), The Danish Society for Environmental Law (Dansk selskab for Miljøret), The Danish Society for Energy Law (Den Danske Energiretsforening).

Liability insurance and discovery cover


The liability insurance covers all kinds of practice of law firm, no matter where the practice takes place.

The law firm is a one-man business, and Poul Heidmann has been appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark.

Deposit guarantee coverage

In the event of a bank’s bankruptcy, the depositors are guaranteed coverage as per the act on deposit guarantee for depositors and investors. The Deposit Guarantee Fund will cover op to EUR 100.000 (appr. DKK 750.000) of an eligible depositor’s funds. This coverage limit applies to the total deposit in the bank, even if the money has been deposited into different bank accounts, including client accounts and own accounts.

Special rules apply for deposits regarding real estate if the real estate has been used for or is intended mainly for non-commercial use. In this case, deposits up to EUR 10 mill. are covered up to 12 months after the deposit was made, and no matter whether the deposit has been in a separate account. Further information about the deposit guarantee coverage at – the website of the Guarantee Fund.

Agreement Clauses

The law firm does not use agreement clauses regarding the choice of applicable laws and/or jurisdiction unless specifically agreed with the customer.

Supervision and complaints

The law firm is covered by the Danish Bar and Law Society’s supervision and disciplinary system regarding the rules of Professional Conduct cf. section 126 in the Code of Civil Procedure. Further to this, the ethical rules for lawyers apply, these can be found at the Danish Bar and Law Society’s website, www.advokatsamfundet.

In case of dispute of a fee charged by the law firm, and/or dissatisfaction with the attorney’s conduct the client may file a complaint about the fee amount and/or conduct at Advokatnævnet, Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 København K,