Poul Heidmann

Welcome to my law firm which is founded on 26 years of experience as an attorney for public authorities, as well as public and private companies.

I offer a unique combination of legal expertise, knowledge of public administration and politics, and the running of companies. Core competencies are legal matters regarding public authorities and the relation between public authorities and companies.

Two years at the office for constitutional and administrative law at the Law Department of the Ministry of Justice, 26 years as an attorney and partner in the law firm Jonas Bruun, later Bruun & Hjejle. 10 years as a tutor/associate professor of law of property at the University of Copenhagen. Continued close cooperation with Bruun & Hjejle.

I have carried out complex cases for public authorities e.g. independent counsel investigations for the Danish government (Combus, IT expenses at the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, and inquirer in the Stateless Commission), have negotiated with Danish authorities and the European Commission on behalf of companies and professional organizations (for instance within the electricity sector, the gas sector, the wind power industry, and the pharmaceutical industry). Furthermore, I have conducted four cases at the European Court of Justice on behalf of the European Commission.

I offer experience-based/“senior” counseling and competent sparring in cases with complex law and difficult dilemmas – at a cost-conscious price.

Create mutually trustful dialogue with public authorities and constructive solutions.
Prepare tailor-made strategies for the treatment of a case – whether you are a public authority or a private company. Based on the broader context of the case I pinpoint the steps which are necessary for the actual case.

If you represent a private company: Is the best solution solving the conflict between your company and a public authority through negotiation or complaint/taking to court?

If you represent a public authority: How can you organize the case handling, which administrative route should be followed, how do you want to settle an actual case, and which are the elements of uncertainty? Is there a basis for dialogue with the private citizen or company?

My overall field of expertise lies within public law, and I give advice on both the general set of rules and highly specialized areas. You may read more about this on the pages found under “Fields of Expertise and Experience.”