Counselling in the shape of evaluations/memorandums; cases for administrative complaints boards; court and arbitration cases.

Hotline for urgent matters.

Sparring/feedback for case workers and leaders; counselling in cases regarding difficult dilemmas/legally challenging and strategic matters.

Second opinions and quality control; if you have received counselling already, but would like to have an additional contribution to the evaluation of the case or the solution, I put my extensive experience at your service.

Project work; I offer my assistance if you are charged with implementing a specific project that requires legal work, and if you do not have the necessary experts in-house.

Impartial attorney’s investigations of specific cases or several connecting cases; investigations for both authorities and companies.

Companion for civil servants and other employees in investigation cases.

Assistance as an alternative to the in-house employment of legal staff; I offer an advantageous price that makes it possible for you to receive ongoing counselling without having to employ in-house legal staff. You will pay as required only. The price depends on the scope of my engagement. Your needs may be diverse, for instance, a more permanent solution or relocation to solve a case bulge/difficult connecting cases.